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·         Case Histories

o        Campbell - the thirty-something pony - Easy Mover Plus™

o        Spring - the quarter horse mare with arthritis

o        Cotton - the Appaloosa with ERU

o        Chappy - the racehorse with performance anxiety

o        Chips - the Mustang with grade 2 lameness

o        Katie - EPM

o        Altivo de Viking (Alti) - chronic colic

o        Malarky - Pigeon Fever

o        Durango - ERU

o        Chance - aggressive behavior


·         Testimonials

·         Articles

o        Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine
Can They Benefit Your Horse?  Download Printable PDF

o        Chinese Herbal Medicine
Ancient Herbal Formulas, Can They Help the Modern Horse?  Download Printable PDF  

o        Cinnamon, Add a Little Spice to your Horse's Diet
How to  use Cinnamon, Coping with Insulin Resistance  Download Printable PDF

o        Digestive Health
with Traditional Chinese Medicine   Download Printable PDF

o        Four Seasons, Five Elements
TCM can Help with Seasonal Allergies Download Printable PDF

o        Gou Qi Zi
A Tiny Fruit packed with Value for Horse and Rider Download Printable PDF

o        Head Shaking
Treated with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs 

o        Jiao gu lan & Laminitis                                                              
TCM may offer Help for the Laminitic Horse   Download Printable PDF 

o        Treating and Preventing Tendon and Ligament Injuries
with Traditional Chinese Medicine   Download Printable PDF

o        Yunnan Bai Yao - Big Medicine in a Little Bottle
First Aid for Horse and Rider   Download Printable PDF

o        Loss of a Pasture Mate
Helping Horses and Owners cope with Grief and Loss   Download Printable PDF

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